Flexible Custom Fields

Our custom fields allow you to create and use your own data for all properties and then use this data to build custom searches. Units are all customizable so wherever you are you can work with local currencies and measurements.

Translation Ready

Estatement is 100% translation ready. Both the admin and the front-end can be translated using the included language files. The theme is WPML compatible which will allow you to create a multilingual site.

Make Money

Estatement is made to help you make money. We’ve coded the theme with SEO and page speed in mind, we’re added auto-responders for lead generation and you can use our PayPal integrated booking system.

Display Properties In Style

Estatement gives you loads of options for displaying properties. Multiple layouts are available for listing properties, we have a dedicated property list template and we have an extremely flexible shortcode which lets you pull properties into any page with a simple [propertylist].

Customize all your listings to only show the properties you need, create separate pages to list different category types or use the live filter to let users filter through all your properties in a flash.

Specify which custom data fields to show in each layout, you have complete control. Want to show bedrooms, garden size, kitchen type and floors for your houses but area, shared spaces and utility cost for your office spaces? In Estatement you can set this up easily, everything is customizable!

Fully Customizable Data

Our buyers don’t just come from the US or Europe. We have buyers from all over the World and we know how important it is to customize data to your needs. Wether you want to display your own currency, use stone instead of kilograms, feet instead of meters we have you covered.

Estatement has a dedicated custom data section. Each custom data field can have its own prefix and suffix allowing you to customize it to your needs exactly. These custom fields can be used in searches to allow your viewers to filter your properties according to your fields.

You can also control which custom field is shown in each listing, and for each property. We have a sidebar widget to display property data, we have a shortcode for use in-content and we have flexible settings for property listings, searches and other locations in the theme.

In addition the theme support translation and multilingual sites. We have provided the required pot files to make this happen. For translations and multilingual sites we recommend using WPML which will allow you to easily translate your theme into one or more languages.